Diesel BAD

To highlight the launch of the new fragrance Diesel BAD we invited a group of Sweden’s top female and male influencers together with two top male influencers from Denmark and two from Norway to an exclusive “BAD” day filled with action.

Fanny Lyckman and Andreas Wijk, both from Sweden with international social media channels, were selected as ambassadors of Diesel BAD and created a hype around the event already a couple of weeks before the launch, during the activity day and after.

The event was held the 25th of August and started off at Vass PR’s headquarters where everyone received their personal BAD-kit containing a specially designed jumpsuit, the fragrance Diesel BAD in a exclusive BAD-toilet bag and a selfie stick.

Everyone changed into the jumpsuit, sprayed on some BAD fragrance and got all set for a day filled with BAD-activities. Each influencer jumped on a motorbike for a speedy ride through Stockholm City. The bike ride took us to the harbour where the group was split into two and the exciting trip continued on fast SPEED boats. We enjoyed a nice lunch and BAD-beer on the boats before we got out in the archipelago where we speeded up for a pacey ride.

We saved the most adrenaline thrilling activity of the day to the last, the ride back to the city was by helicopter were all of the influencers had an amazing experience and ride back home to Stockholm city. The perfect end on a adrenaline kicking day.

Back in the city a barbeque at Vass PR’s backyard awaited. Good hamburgers with fries and nice entremets were served. During the dinner Diesel BAD got a great exposure with logo on the beer bottles, hashtags at the tables together with product samples nicely displayed in the surroundings.

During  the day we were accompanied by a photographer that documented and a filmed all the activities, which will be distributed the influencers that attended the event. The launch was very successful which resulted in great coverage in all the influencers social channels both during the day and in published posts afterwards.