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Sustainability Policy


Our vision is to become the best communications agency in the Nordics.

To reach our vision, we need to think and act sustainably. The purpose of this policy is to strengthen our commitment to a more sustainable world and to guide us in our daily worklife. It applies to all employees and all parts of our operations. By following the principles in this document, we will improve as a company – and at the same time improve the world.


VASS is a communications bureau offering a fully integrated assortment of services in PR, digital marketing and events. We were founded in Stockholm 2011 with the idea that personal relationships and hard work dictate results. Since then, we have grown and become the premiere agency for brands looking to solidify their presence throughout the Nordics. Our strong relations with digital influencers, brands and press form the network that enables us to create shared value. By combining different communication strategies with innovative digital concepts and by always staying ahead of the trends, we work to exceed our client’s expectations in every capacity.


As a modern communications agency, we have a large impact on society and believe that we can be a part of improving the world. Rooted in our values and culture is our belief in everyone’s equal worth. We are personal and welcoming to all. We have fun and help each other. We take pride in the work we do. We stand for inclusion and diversity, a great working life and a healthy planet. We also support the ten principles of responsible business established in the UN Global Compact, aiming to meet fundamental responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. VASS shall, through our operations and the missions we take on, contribute to a more sustainable society.


We stand for inclusion and diversity. For everyone’s right to be who they are and what they want. This applies to all of our operations; to how we treat each other, when recruiting new talents and when choosing the partners we collaborate with.

  • We have zero tolerance toward any forms of harassment or discrimination. At VASS, we treat everybody the same way, and expect others to do so as well.
  • When recruiting new talents, we take special consideration to equality and diversity and look to embrace people with different skills, backgrounds and perspectives. While our recruiting and employment opportunities are strictly offered on merit, we encourage underrepresented groups to apply for positions within VASS. We believe that a diverse workforce with a wide array of perspectives promotes creativity and customer satisfaction.
  • We believe that beauty comes in all forms, colors and shapes. Therefore, we want to be part of creating a more diverse and inclusive beauty industry. We encourage collaborations with companies and brands that have a wide range of products that suits everyone. When choosing who we collaborate with, we want to broaden our reach to a larger group of people.



We stand for a great working life. VASS is nothing without our talents.

  • In order to become the best communications agency in the Nordics, we strive to create a great workplace that suits everyone. Therefore, we invest in the health and happiness of our employees.
  • Regardless of personality, we offer a place where you can grow, develop and have a healthy lifestyle.
  • We believe in flexibility. Having a flexible and dynamic working life contributes to a more creative and productive environment.
  • We want to be approachable and have a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where everyone is treated with respect.
  • We actively encourage collaborations with partners and clients who can ensure good working conditions in their value chain.



We stand for a healthy planet. Today, we are threatening our very existence by polluting the air we breathe and destroying the resources we depend on. This has created an unsustainable situation, where marginalized groups and future generations will be disproportionately impacted.

  • At VASS, we want to change the tide and contribute to a healthier planet and a sustainable future. Therefore, we strive to continually improve our operations and reduce our ecological footprint.
  • We always think before we travel. We encourage meetings through Skype and take the train whenever we can in order to reduce our climate impact from traveling.
  • When planning events and purchasing goods, we always have environmental aspects in mind and try to use resources efficiently.
  • We recycle in our office and strive to minimize waste from our operations.
  • We encourage collaborations and partnerships with companies that are working actively to improve their environmental impact.
  • We run our business in accordance with environmental legislation and always try to stay ahead of the demands from our stakeholders.


This policy is updated yearly.

LAST UPDATE: 2019-01-16

Ida-Sofia Klingspor, founder

Kristin Bohman, CEO