Launch of ACO Age Delay

In October 2020 ACO launched its latest premium skincare series - Age Delay, in Sweden. A completely new range of effective age delaying skincare for normal/combination and dry skin.

After the summer of 2020 VASS started planning the activation of Age Delay with ACO. Due to the current situation with the pandemic, what was originally planned as physical press lunch was transformed into a digital solution where VASS and ACO decided to produce a pre-recorded video. In October a video introducing Age Delay was filmed at the professional studio Adapt in Stockholm. The Nordic Marketing Manager and Senior Product Developer R&D, from ACO walked viewers through an in depth presentation including both information about ingredients, product development and information on why and how the skin ages. Everything was communicated with ACO´s positive attitude towards ageing.

The video was later distributed to selected influencers and journalists in correlation with premium breakfast or evening baskets including the skincare range and other creative elements enhancing the new series. Directly after distributing the baskets ACO Age Delay received immediate coverage through several top influencers such as Gustav Broström, Markiz Tainton and Susanne Histrup - to mention some. To receive this qualitative immediate coverage is very rare, and indicates a strategic interest amongst influencers regarding the launch. Also journalists such as Carin Hellman (ELLE) and Jessica Berghult (Hemmets Journal) gave the beautiful breakfast basket and
the products coverage in their own social media channels. It is also quite unique for journalists to post content in their own channels immediately upon receiving a range.


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