Burberry Hero Event 2021

To celebrate the launch of Burberry Hero EDT at Kicks, 50 selected influencers and key editors were invited to an exclusive cocktail party at Sophie’s Bar Bank Hotel in central Stockholm.
The event was designed with an exclusive and appealing theme for the guests to learn about the perfume and create brand awareness amongst both influencers and editors, as well as generating social media coverage to boost the buzz around Burberry Hero further.
When the guests arrived at the venue, they were served a glass of Prosecco to welcome them to the party. The popular Swedish DJ, Daniella Johnsson, played a good mix of up-tempo lounge music in the background as guest mingled and exclusive, delicious canapés in beige tones that went in line with the launch were served during the evening. The bartender served drinks from a custom-made menu inspired by the scent with elements of bergamot, smoky whiskey and black pepper to create an experience that appealed to all senses. The drinks were served with big branded ice cubes including the Burberry monogram which allowed for additional brand exposure.

During the evening the guests took part of an official presentation of the perfume that was followed by a music performance of their ambassador Eric Saade. Saade performed the song ”Heroes” by David Bowie to allude to the perfume.

On site, the scent was strategically displayed on pedestals in a perfume area and aesthetically placed out in a glass cabinet. A big Burberry Hero bottle was placed in the perfume area for content creation and a photographer was on site during the evening to capture the event. Upon leaving the event, all guests were given an exclusive goodie bag containing the new perfume, a toiletry bag and a Burberry keychain.


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large perfume bottle


live songs performed by Eric Saade