Elizabeth Arden Staycation

To celebrate the launch of Elizabeth Arden White Tea Skin Solutions and introduce the new series VASS invited selected influencers to The Radiant Staycation at Ellery Beach House, hosted by brand ambassador Sanne Josefson. The concept of the launch was ’Nature meets Science’ with a modern Scandinavian approach and a touch of well-being. The mission was to further combine cutting-edge science and technology and to bring the best of nature in a complete ritual for mind and body.

The guests checked into individual hotel rooms provided with a welcome pack including the novelties, Elizabeth Arden branded robes, a designed agenda for their stay and a tray containing a teapot with White Tea. Shortly after the guests had settled in, they met up at Ellery Beach Club to pamper and enjoy themselves by the indoor and outdoor pools. Two treatment rooms were prepared with the new White Tea Skin Solutions series where guests received a relaxing face massage and introduction to the series.

Later that evening the guests met up on the terrace for a pre-drink enriched with White Tea and a welcome speech was made by Sanne. The drink was followed by an intimate dinner in a Chambre séparée where the table was decorated and displayed with new White Tea Skin Solutions. Unique centerpieces to set the modern and elegant mood were placed at the table with customized menu cards. During dinner representatives from Elizabeth Arden introduced the new launch and the story of Elizabeth Arden. The morning after guests were treated to a private yoga session before they enjoyed themselves with the hotel breakfast


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