H&M Beauty Bench & Beauty Box

For the anticipated Norwegian launch of the H&M Beauty e-commerce site in May 2022, VASS activated an integrated PR launch with focus on social media exposure and consumer-facing marketing. The Beauty Bench activation consisted of a marketing stunt campaign, VASS set out to resonate with potential consumers, leveraging the power of local collabs and the public community to stimulate buzz, as well as utilising key opinion leaders to amplify messaging, for an ultimate hype.

20 lilac H&M Beauty branded park benches were placed throughout Oslo´s spring outdoor hotspots and scenic hangouts. The Beauty Benches boasted the ability to enjoy and shop “beauty from anywhere”, with a QR code linking straight to the online store with an activated discount VASS stimulated consumer sharing as well as interaction as Gen Z Oslo-ites discovered the beauty benches and engaged in clicking home products from the bench in the zen surroundings of the Frogner Park, Oslo harbour or their regular outdoor hotspot.

The Beauty Box activation consisted of a targeted product placement activation of extraordinary custom-made beauty kits filled with approx. 20 products from key beauty brands launching at hmbeauty.com along with a bespoke hand-painted handheld mirror. VASS commissioned local artist Thea Kling to paint the mirrors with a unique design, supporting a local creative artist in line with the brand and receiving wonderful feedback.

In collaboration with Ford, a H&M Beauty branded electric Ford Mustang drove around the city distributing the Beauty Boxes. The activation ensured a top-of-mind status for H&M Beauty and acted as overall brand building, influencing consumers to engage with the online launch.


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park benches


hand-painted mirrors


local artist