INSTAX Mini 12 Launch Event

To celebrate the new INSTAX Mini 12, VASS invited guests to a spectacular, paradoxical launch party in March 2023. The event took place at two different locations, which offered the attending guests two unique and memorable experiences. The evening began at Paradox Museum Oslo, where the guests were invited to «accept the INSTAX challenge». The challenge included a set of tasks which involved taking pictures with the new Mini 12 in various paradoxical exhibitions, ticking off as many challenges as possible. Guests were then invited to an after party at Hot Shot, where the influencers were greeted with colorful candy-flavoured shots. To properly celebrate the launch, the guests were treated to a unique, intimate concert from the rapper Kamelen, known for the hit song “Creme Del A Crème”.

The memorable event was a huge success with 50 guests in attendance. INSTAX ambassadors from Sweden and Denmark were also flown in to join the eventful evening. The launch party stimulated incredible resonance and created solid relationships between INSTAX and the attending profiles, which in turn have generated great visibility after the event.

VASS offered targeted concept development, facilitated, negotiated and project managed the event activation, while quality controlling the brand communication. The event generated an immense amount of coverage on social media with over 140 postings.


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