LeaLuo Poster Stunt

In 2022, VASS launched a captivating consumer-facing campaign for LeaLuo, aimed at increasing brand awareness and engagement. Instead of traditional methods, the innovative strategy involved hanging up vibrant LeaLuo posters in trendy and urban areas across Oslo.

Each poster featured eye-catching designs, and a QR code allowed people to shop for beauty products. The campaign sparked curiosity and encouraged consumers to share their experiences on social media, particularly among Gen Z Oslo residents who discovered the posters in cool outdoor hotspots and stylish hangouts. The campaign's seamless integration with social media influencers and engaging content on platforms like Instagram amplified the message, creating a memorable and photo-worthy brand experience that resonated with the target audience.

Consumer-facing projects are ideal for Gen Z targeted brands because they value authentic experiences and social engagement. Such projects encourage real-life interactions, foster emotional connections, and leverage social media sharing, all of which resonate with the digitally savvy and socially conscious Gen Z generation. These initiatives can lead to increased brand loyalty and awareness, making them highly beneficial for brands aiming to connect with this demographic.


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