Neutrogena Influencer Collaboration

VASS proposed to collaborate with three key influencer ambassadors throughout the autumn/winter season of 2021, to build consistent, credible, and organic partnerships for Neutrogena. The selected profiles were briefed to share their journey using the Neutrogena product assortment. Through Instagram stories, posts, YouTube and TikTok, the influencers were to share their impression of the products, their skin care routine and educated followers on Neutrogena’s 3-step regime for clear, healthy, glowing skin.

The campaign’s aim was to capture the attention of a young generation struggling with timely impurities and craving an approachable, effective, and budget friendly skin routine. In addition to create interest, the campaign’s purpose was to educate the desired target group about the various skin care series from Neutrogena, and the Neutrogena three-step routine.

To amplify the message, Neutrogena partnered up with two female and one male profile, Mie Mack Cappelen, Nora Krog and Nikko Løken - each chosen to add their own take and highlight the Neutrogena Skin Care range fitted for their skin. All campaigns were directed to and with a discount promotion. The talent was contracted to produce all content and deliver for approval by deadlines set by VASS throughout the year.

VASS worked closely with the ambassadors to set KPIS and evaluate this, adjusting KPIS and amending content strategy in order to increase clicks and engagement. This showcases the benefits of long-term collaborations, to build credibility and trustworthiness within the ambassadorship.


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