NUXE Influencer Collabs

To build brand awareness for Nuxe, VASS managed targeted digital marketing activations. VASS aimed to resonate with potential consumers through targeted ambassadors to amplify the brands message and products. VASS engaged entraining and appropriate profiles to share NUXE products to reach a broader demographic and create content to boost Nuxe´s Norwegian Instagram profile. VASS wanted to build brand awareness and recognition for NUXE as well as highlight new products and recruit new consumers. By collaborating with selected influencer ambassadors throughout period VASS aimed to channel focal pillars in a paid, curated setting in order to build credible partnerships.

VASS worked with profiles Camilla Aabry and Sophie Sunde Sylte for varois NUXE campaigns. VASS provided the profiles with detailed briefs per deliverable and conducted close follow up and management of the collaboration.

Different products from NUXE´s range were highlighted in several campaigns with the influencers, highlighting in a natural context in order to engage consumers and build brand equity. The content contained product information and clear visibility of new products to drive sales to selected retailers.


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