Taste Your Smile Event

Hismile is an international brand in oral health with market-leading products selling globally across approximately 200 countries, with over 3 million users. To establish the brand’s presence on the Swedish market, VASS together with distributor Awaknd Group hosted an intimate influencer dinner with focus on Hismile’s exciting flavoured toothpaste range with flavors such as watermelon, mango, coconut, peach and the most recent addition – Red Velvet Cake.

The dinner was co-hosted by a popular Swedish influencer at the exquisite venue Terrassen located in Miss Clara Hotel. The purpose of the event was to create new and nourish already existing relationships and introduce key profiles to the brand. Drawing inspiration from Hismile's toothpaste range, the dinner incorporated the brand's essence into every detail, from the decor to the delicious food.

The evening began with a delightful welcome drink featuring mango and peach flavors. To add a touch of excitement, the dinner was served in reverse order, with Red Velvet cake served as the first course to highlight the new toothpaste flavor, followed by a delectable vegetarian menu.
The venue was transformed into a captivating environment with vibrant flower arrangements inspired by the toothpaste colors. Additionally, large replicas of the toothpaste tubes were strategically placed, creating an exclusive ambiance. Throughout the dinner, guests were engaged through taste cards, allowing them to sample and provide feedback on each toothpaste variant. This interactive activity sparked valuable conversations about the brand, generating qualitative visibility.

The "Taste Your Smile" event proved to be a great success, with enthusiastic participation from the attendees resulting in organic visibility from all guests. Co-hosting the event fostered a warm and familiar atmosphere among the guests to keep the brand continually top of mind.


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“Vi är grymt nöjda med vårt Hismile event som VASS anordnade för oss, proffsigt hela vägen från start till mål. VASS har en fin känsla för detaljer och de tänker på allt. Vi kommer självklart låta VASS hålla i fler event för vårt varumärke Hismile”

Daniel Molin Awaknd Group AB, Business Owner




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